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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  February 7, 2013 9:00am-9:30am PST

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slow traffic. >> sun, clouds, cold, windy, some rain. a mix of sun and rains and colder temperatures in to friday. >> all right. that will do it for us. thank you for watching, hope to see you at noon.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. get ready for great video, "right this minute." >> mind your damage here. >> new individual grow that georgia tornado as a deputy races to a man trapped. a staircase had pin pd his left leg. >> how the deputy sucked it up to save a life. >> yes. >> ah! a bird in strubble sppot pde riv. >> hanging by its beak. >> rescuers with no boat went above and beyond the call of duty. >> the best part of washging up is coffee in your -- what? meet a couple -- >> who's addicted to coffee enemas. >> how friends and family feel about their strange addiction. >> gross out. >> nobody likes it. plus, it might be your lucky day. we've got the thursday buzzword for a new ipad mini and a
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brazilian baby is rockin' out to the music. >> but the music stops. >> how he got the party started -- again. here's video of a massive f-3 tornado last week in gordon county, georgia, caught on camera by ross cabot. >> to the left and center of this system, sirens have been going off here. wind pic can see how big this i including many homes. one home belonging to a man named terry. his home was crumbling so bad that a staircase pinned his left leg. his 14-year-old daughter had to call 911. >> damage here. >> the weather channel has video only on the job two weeks. rescue video. >> okay. >> yes. >> ah! >> oh. >> i got you.
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>> eventually the deputy says, the fire department showed up no now. they're able to get terry henson's leg free. you can see that deputy was at the right place at the right time. in fact, you might be wondering, how did he get there so fast? it's policy in this area. gordon county sheriff mitch ralston places his deputies in the path of storms like this on purpose. before the storm hits, he sends his deputies out to designated areas that he believes are going to be affected by the storm, because people are going to need help. that way they can get to people like terry hampton that fast. >> i heard it right as i was running up the stairs. >> he talked to nbc 11 in atlanta, nobody hurt, but they lost a son eight years ago. now all they can try to save from their home, of course, photos and memories of this son. >> dishwashes and -- we can buy, and whatever, but that right there, you don't get another.
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watching the arrest of 35-year-old stanley haney in texas, but listen to what one dep uty in particular is saying >> standing? all right. i think maybe you got a date tonight. >> no. >> ever think about that? you all right? what are you doing here? >> come to get a drink. >> the deputy was saying, i believe we have a date tonight. what are you doing here? they're outside of a convenient mart. haney says i just came to get a drink before i go down to the fishing hole. turns out, deputies had been involved in an undercover sting communicating online with this guy pretending to be a 15-year-old girl. >> oh. so this is -- >> catching a predator is going down. >> except we're getting it from the camera on the montgomery county deputy's lapel. according to the deputy's office, the mother of the 15-year-old girl called the office and said hey, an older
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man befriended my 15-year-old daughter on facebook and is making inappropriate comments. so the deputy's office, they took over. they started gathering evidence over several different communications online with this guy that did get sexually explicit, but there's more of a twist to this story. this guy haney is already a registered sex offender. he was convicted back in 2000 for sexual abuse of a child. deputies say haney thought he was going to meet this girl, and they recovered condoms from his car. >> like i said, i've been talking to you on the phone. i'm the young lady you've been talking to the last couple of days. okay? so, like i said, we got a date. i'm sorry, i didn't dress a little bit better but i did what i could do. put your hands behind your back. you're under arrest for solicitation of a minor. >> charged with two counts of solicitation of a minor, and that is a second-degree felony.
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the smart team is a specialized mobile rescue team for the los angeles animal services and wh you're seeing is a corporal rbird, hanging fr beak. the second rescue executed in the month of january. they didn't have boats available. so a smart team member, ramon, swims out there to rescue the fella. >> first he had to lower the bird down to the ground. remember, he had to swim over there. couldn't take a lot of equipment. then you see up close, right there. >> ah, right through the tip of his bottom bill. >> notice he just cuts the line, but leaves the hook if for now it because his goal is get it out of the tree first. >> wrapped it up in a bag, put it on modified sled. >> and brought it back. >> surprised somebody called it in. it looked like a black trash bag. >> you can see in the still image the hook going through its bill. look at the bright blue eyes and
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looking like, somebody help me out, please. you got me out of the tree. just one more step to go. >> you can see how pretty the animal is. >> you can see the hook is out of the beak. it was taken to a center, checked out and released back into the wild. >> once again we see another video where something discarded, we think, ah, somebody will clean up or nothing will happen to it, but animals are affected by the stuff that man leaves behind. >> it's a good message for humans to remember to take care of our environment. we're not the only inhabitants of this planet. everybody, we're giving away an ipad mini in just a little while. >> you're going need thursday's buzzword and you need to be 18 or older to enter. >> hang with us. thursday's buzzword in just a minute. >> good luck, everybody. apparently drug dealers in russia have more than just police to fear. the loose translation under this video from moscow was, this is an anti-drug youth group out on the streets serving a bit of vigilante justice. this group went after the
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suspected drug dealer's car with axes and hammers and destroyed the car. >> whoa, man. they are destroying this car beyond repair. >> if these guys really are drug dealers and breaking the law, then you think, okay. maybe this is kind of cool vigilanteism. if these guys get it wrong, then they're out just smashing up the wrong person's car, not so cool. >> and you've got to worry if these guys aren't truly drug dealers, they might have a gun on them for obvious reasons. you go up attacking with a sledgehammer, you never know what can happen. >> and the video is out, sometimes drug dealers are connected to larger rings like cartels that could end up finding these people. i don't agree with what they're doing, but you've got to applaud their passion towards anti-drugs. drugs are bad. they kill people. drugs do no good to anybody. nice day for a motorcycle ride. almost. >> just a bonehead move.
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>> see a fun ride spoiled, next. they're back! to say, i love you. >> it's funny, because how many dudes are going to watch this on valentine's day and say, i love you? >> see what the ladies are victoria's secret are doing for valen
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i've got a two-wheeled two-for. this guy riding his motorcycle down the street. obeying the traffic rules. doesn't appear to be speeding, but he still gets in trouble. >> oh! >> the bmw somehow doesn't see him coming, tries to pull a u-ee right in front of the guy. you heart crunch. the guy gets up, immediately moans a bit but doesn't seem to be seriously injured, luckily. but just a bonehead move. know over to a bit of a motorcycle win. this is robby madison in a trailer for a new film put out
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by d.c. shoes, the aircraft trailer. i love the way the whole trailer looks. they shot it in an old broken down boneyard for planes. doing a pretty neat thing by using these old skeletons of the air. >> oh. >> like riding on the side of the plane, like on the outside of the plane. looks like they used a plane wing for a ramp. cruises across the fuselage of another plane. just a taste of the full movie coming out on february 11th. hanging out with friendly reindeer. ♪ the hit tlc show "my strange addiction" is back and for this episode we're headed for saint
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petersburg, florida. >> i florida, and i addicted to coffee enemas. >> trina and her husband are addicted to coffee enemas. you guys know what an enema is, right? >> sure. >> you inject fluid into your colon to clean occupant the lower intestine. >> how is this supposed to work with coffee, though? >> well, they'll explain t. i love the way coffee enemas make me feel. i feel like a sense of euphoria. i absolutely would fall apart without them. >> ah. >> my first reaction was, my god, that's disgusting. but i tried it -- and now i'm addicted to coffee enemas. >> these two sap that they do this up to four times a day, and it's a pretty lengthy process. put themselves on a timer. they have their setup with the coffee are and then the tube and then -- it skirts it in, and then they have to quickly move
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to the toilet. >> sure. >> to release. but to find out a little more about this strange addiction, we actually have trina and mike via skype from florida. welcome to the show, you guys. >> are you drinking coffee right now? >> i'm addicted to coffee, period. put it in -- >> trina, what is it about this addiction, and how did it start? >> i originally started, because i was doing a lot of detoxing, and when you start to get into detoxes heavily, you realize that it doesn't matter what you're taking into your body. it really matters what you're getting out. once i got past the initial trauma of allowing myself to do this, i couldn't stop. >> you said you got a sense of euphoria from this. do you think it's just maybe all that caffeine? >> oh, yeah. it goes straight to your brain. so it's definitely way beyond what drinking coffee makes you feel. >> do you have a specific type of coffee that you use? do you need organic? >> it's got to be organic,
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boiled in distilled water. >> we argue over what type of grind we want. i want a thishg grind and he wants a finer grind. >> this is a strange addiction. what are your friends, your family, the people that find out you do this say to you? >> they're totally grossed out. >> nobody likes it. >> if it wasn't strange we wouldn't be on a tv show. >> to see the premiere of "my strange addiction" go to tlc. the video with three great things. >> antarctica, penguins and surfing. >> awesome. >> if i was there, i want to pick them up and hug them. >> see how surfing goes beyond the iceberg. and still to come -- >> having it wrapped up sews the person that they are important. >> a signal or something. >> see if you get the message. and we'll reveal thursday's buzzword for your chance to win an ipad mini. ao got an invention for you
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guys. tell me if it's pointless or on point. it's called the phonekerchief. you wrap this piece of cloth around your phone and it blocks the cell signal essentially turning your phone off. the thing is made of nylon and silver. you wrap it. you see it says, my sfophone isf
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for you. where it in your breast pocket, suit pocket and you can't get calls. >> turn it off. >> the develop sir a woman named ingrid. she explains why she came up with this idea. >> i talked to this woman who recently went on a date with a man and he left his phone at home for her. she was just so excited about this, and it made me really excited. >> you can turn your phone off, right, but having it wrapped up showing the other person that they are more important. it does send a nice message, but i just don't see it catching on anywhere. i have a feeling i would use it once and it would get crumpled up and thrown in the trash or something. no. >> fun for maybe married couples. people in the committed relationship. this could be a signal for something. like you wrap the phone up. it has a little handkerchief. put ton the table. you know what that means? >> like in coege -- it.the adult way of doing that
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it's romantic in this technological age. >> this thing is selling for around $15. you give the phonekerchief, give us a call or let us know on facebook. you are never too young to really get into your music. >> don't touch. >> according to the poster of this video, this is a 15-month-old brazilian boy visiting a walmart in salt lake city, utah. ♪ >> the music stops, but baby la already figured out how to make the music play. ♪ [ laughter ] >> shaking his head. he's head banging to some rock 'n' roll music in the aisles of walmart. >> that's awesome. you give them all those baby toys andy buttons and all those things play is like, doo, doo,
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doo -- he's like, give me that rock 'n' roll. >> a good idea to sell one of those fisher-price. pick your band, iron maiden. >> and bopping like mom and dad. >> not a bad idea. >> i can't get over that he's head banging. >> you know what it is? he's brazilian, almost time for carnival. he'd ready to do something. >> close to being ready for the mosh pit, too. different kind of music, but i think he could probably hang. >> definitely. an accident waiting to happen, standing in the cart like that, but i'm willing to give him a break on this one. >> because it's so darn kunchts absolutely. the cuteness overrules that rule. everybody, i think it's time that we give away an ipad mini. >> yep. you're going to neat thursday's buzzword and you have to be 18 or older to enter. >> giving you the buzzword, head to our facebook page. go to the first post and tap on
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that mobile link. >> beth, let's do this thing. thursday's buzzword is -- subway. now get on over to and click on the win an ipad mini button. >> and center subway. that's s-u-b-w-a-y for your chance to win an ipad mini. good luck, you guys. it's an unusual travel review going viral. >> every conference center needs a nice -- atmosphere. >> there are five references to atmosphere. so let me be clear. there is atmosphere here. >> take a trip to the place with a whole lotta atmosphere -- next.
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frequently featuring military might. this one has a tank as the star of the show. an old pander tank with one of those folding bridges on top it can quickly deploy, get people across small bits of water. everybody is happy to see the military might of the locals, and tanks are known for destroying thing, but this one destroys the road without any kind of artillery. it just does a little reverse track spin there. >> the road isn't an asphalt road. >> like a cobblestone. like a brick road. >> all the cobblestones in the middle of the street pup see the stones get stuck in the tracks. this guy bravely puts his hand trying to pull out some of the -- listen to the grinding
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and crunching rock. the one guy in uniform is like, what are you doing? you weekend supporen't supposed around. >> just pulverize the street. >> if you're ever driving a tank, don't do a spin on a cobblestone street. you learn something every day. it's close to valentine's and you know it's time to get loving. the victoria secret ainngels ar here to help you feel loved. they set the tone to this music. >> how many dudes will watch this on valentine's day and say, i love you, beth. >> he just did. >> yeah. >> i love you. >> the victoria secret models did this spot to promote their valentine's collection. >> oh, wait. this is an ad? >> believe it or not. >> i thought it was a personal message. is a personal message to t stuf grenld or wife. >> and she's tell you she loves you.
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>> i love you. >> i would like to make a parody and have my gut all hanging out, turn to the camera, talk with candy all over my face, like, i love you. >> or have, like, your mask on, you put on at night and, likes, your hair in rollers. >> pull them out, snap him with my phone. >> a mouth full of like, peanut butter. i love you. >> what is the secret? i've always wanted to know the secret. >> we will never tell. because you'll figure it out and then -- to see the entire video, head over to and click over to best of rtm. if you're looking for a place to stay in dallas-ft. worth, this guy has a suggestion. >> pick a place in the dfw area that's got a lot of atmosphere. as you can see here, the hilton in granbury, texas, has a lot of atmosphere and right in the
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middle of texas. so it's got a lot of atmosphere. >> okay. so -- >> we are 26 seconds in, this man said atmosphere three times. >> let me be clear. there is atmosphere here. >> apparently there is some atmosphere to the hilton garden inn in granbury, texas. i do really, really -- >> every conference center needs a nice atmosphere. this has got the little garden inn, hilton garden inn here, plus being on the lake, here's the conference center. >> you know what? who needs a script jp ad-libbing, freestyling, i dig it. >> and the throw clearing adds something to it. >> every conference center needs a nice atmosphere. >> that's number five. there are five references to atmosphere. i know the next time i'm flying through dallas, i'm staying here because of the atmosphere. >> you have to. how could you not sayy stay here? >> first of aural, look at the evidence. this isn't actually, officially affiliated with the hilton


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